My Discord account got terminated!

Just a PSA regarding my Discord account and the future of me possibly not using Discord anymore

You can still join my Discord server, I think? I don’t know if they will banned that server too but lets hope not. This is published abruptly on my phone so pardon me for grammar mistakes.

Discord is such a wonderful platform full of wonderful people and not ped~ or full of innocent children datin~ on the platform. Around 2 days ago I got this wonderful notification on my email. Mind you I’m still using the account normally as I would do.


Discord is focused on maintaining a safe and secure environment for our community. We’ve found your account to be in violation of our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines. As a result, we’ve disabled your account for the following reason:

Your account promoted or encouraged illegal activities, including but not limited to providing a marketplace for or facilitating the dissemination of regulated goods, or participating in servers dedicated to doing so.

Sincerely, Discord Trust & Safety

Few minutes after that email, I got logged out of all my devices. left confused, I checked my email (as I usually do) and see the notification. and I said oh shit. what server did this ffs.

After some googling (cause I am à software engineer like that), I found that these types of “disabled” account can go 2 ways.

The first was goodness gracious discord reinstate your account. 2nd they will reject you into the abyss and will never ever enable your account again. so say bye bye to 1k friends and priceless messages from your love one that have passed away due to this “virus” thing.

How to solve.

You dont, I’ve pretty much written an essay to discord explaining begging yet to no avail. So unless you’re markiplier your not gonna get your discord account back. You’re just gonna get this email no matter what. discord giving you the middle finger as they always do.


Your account was disabled for violating our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines. We will not reinstate the account.

You should have received an email with more information regarding this violation. If you have any questions as to what behavior resulted in your account being disabled, please refer to that email.

Please note that we remove and/or anonymize all data associated with deleted accounts 14-30 days after beginning the deletion process for that account.

Sincerely, Discord Trust & Safety

So that’s it, a rant for me a blog for you. I am done with discord garbage. cya untill another rant, which is in about I don’t know. Thanks for reading, as always have a great day.

So will I be back to using Discord, most likely not.

Update, I made an account.

Update 2, anti spam banned that account.

Update 3, I made another account.

Update 4, It got banned again.

Update 5, I made an account and got a new phone number so far so good.

I’m on matrix btw,

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