Who is Darren Nathanael

Hello there, I’m Darren. tldr: I’m a sysadmin, and a backend developer. I also use arch btw.

longer stuff: Hi I’m Darren Nathanael, I mostly work backend development and such. I’m also a sysadmin, and I’m a bit of a nerd. -Github Copilot.

I get frustrated and disappointed when it comes to achieving my goals, like grades and scores.
I did my best, but it was still not enough. The factor in my life that will prevent me from achieving my goals is setting unrealistic expectations. Setting expectations that are too high or unreachable is a sure way to make me disappointed in myself. This habit can cause me to become discouraged and lose motivation to forge toward reaching my goals.

“How do you plan to deal with them?” I stop expecting too high and focus on setting realistic and attainable goals that I can feasibly reach. By setting smaller, more reachable goals, you’ll provide yourself with significant momentum every time you achieve one.

I’m interested in serious work; all I ask is for honesty of your word and that you want to create a business and are serious about it; I don’t have time for delayed moves or delayed payments (i say this because it has happened before)

I am serious about my skills & services and can help achieve excellent outcomes
I have helped create many successful businesses sold to other companies.
I say this out of respect and don’t take time wasters too well.

If something comes up personally, I understand that your life comes first before your desires and careers under those conditions.

Just be honest with me upfront, and future issues will not occur on those terms.

Here are some various open source project that I’m working on:

The bestway to contact me is via email. me@darrennathanael.com I read my email daily.

My PGP key: 0x6d03afba32c7e1e2 | 5d5b2962d717769365301bbe6d03afba32c7e1e2

"Always trust what others say or write without ever questioning them. Especially their code." -Albert Einstein

"If she this easy, then she prolly got a diseasy" -Dr Martin Luther King

"If a woman is giving you what you want, it is deception." -Sun Tzu, Art of War

Over the time of this course, we have all been given a simple task, as we know events are something we all may dread, but others may not. Looking through the events, we might see info sessions, networking, or conference meetings. These are all significant events, and I have been able to only attend info sessions and have learned a lot from them and found them super attractive. But what events have yall attended that you found good and had a significant impact on you? Answer this in https://to.darrenofficial.com/askdarren

ps: this website is filled with alot of easter egg! not an arg.

Ahh, put that in there. Pretty sure no one will find this. Well, no one who’s not supposed to find it. There we go. Ohh.