Who is Darren Nathanael

Hello there, I’m Darren. tldr: I’m a sysadmin, and a backend developer. I also use arch btw.

longer stuff: Hi I’m Darren, I mostly work backend development and such. I’m also a sysadmin, and I’m a bit of a nerd. -Github Copilot.

As of 2022, Im currently working on multiple projects, such as egyptiangrillers.com, Discord Musicbot, dpaste.org and few other stuff. You can checkout my github to see more on what I’m “Actively” working on.

It all started back in 2017 when I was just random person who has PC and likes to thinker with it. The first time I touch python was in 2018 iirc, then I qucikly move away from it because it’s not what I like. then I started learning Java, and I was pretty happy with it. untill one of my friends intorduced me to JS and I was hooked af. That’s how I started programming

So Programming isn’t the only thing I learn at that time, I was pretty interested in linux, networking, and stuff. Then I started to go deeper and started learning shit.


currently I am learning CCNA & CompTIA. it’s not that hard and so far so good. I might even make a blog post about it later when I finish it. I’m also learning how to play guitar.

ps: this website is filled with alot of easter egg! not an arg.

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